New Flower Dishcloths!

flower potholders 2 002 flower potholders 2 005I’ve been making dishcloths for awhile now. Pretty much boring, square or rectangular cloths. They certainly serve their purpose (washing the dishes and cleaning the countertops, with a little help from you) and I try to make them in pretty colors, but still just boring. Now if I could make some that did all the cleaning for you, they would sell like crazy!

Well, the other day, I started going through my crochet books to hopefully destash some of them. The problem is, I never get finished going through them because I always get distracted by a pattern that I must make! So this time it didn’t take long to get distracted by this cute flower dishcloth. I think they were supposed to be coasters made with thread, but I made them with cotton and I think they turned out adorable. They would make great trivets for your table too!

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4 Responses to New Flower Dishcloths!

  1. sewinggranny says:

    Love your dishclothes….still using your scrubbies.

  2. These are so pretty!

  3. Jill Q says:

    These are just-as-cute-as-can-be!

  4. Bijibijoux says:

    Pretty summery colors 🙂

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